Welcome to Lafinesse and our new homepage.

- Here you have a quick look of what our new site has to offer, i.e:  My previous purchases, advanced search, specific product listing and more.


NOTE: Once you have placed the item in your shopping cart, you can click the "back" button on your browser menu - and you will jump back to the last item you have looked at. We are working on a fix for this so it happens automatically.
Mouse hover menu:

- This menu allows you to quickly browse our different productgroups without clicking more than necessary on your mouse. Move your mouse sideways for optimal switching between groups.

If you prefer our old menu system, it is located to the left on the page.

Filter listing:

- Press the arrow button to activate filter and choose product listing by groups, cost, name, bestseller or by your own keyword.

Account details:

- Here you can quickly access your current orders and browse through your previous purchases and reorder your desired product.



Welcome to our new site - we hope it lives up to your expectations.