Dear customer

All prices listed on this website are ex of VAT. We do not charge VAT for sale to EU countries outside Denmark.

Shipping costs/freight rates:
Currently we operate with the below mentioned minimum costs.
Please note that the order confirmation sent to you when placing an order via this website is not covering shipping costs. 
You will receive a final invoice including shipping costs, when the goods are ready for dispatch. 
All orders will be dispatched within 2-3 workdays from ordering date.

DKK 80 per parcel

Minimum DKK 120
For orders exceeding DKK 2.400 shippings costs are 5% 

Minimum DKK 200
For orders exceeding DKK 4.000 shippings costs are 5% 

Minimum EUR 30
For orders exceeding EUR 600 shippings costs are 5% 

Germany and Netherlands:
Minimum EUR 18
For orders exceeding EUR 360 shippings costs are 5% 

Minimum EUR 40
For orders exceeding EUR 800 shippings costs are 5% 

Minimum EUR 35
For orders exceeding EUR 700 shippings costs are 5% 

Minimum EUR 40
For orders exceeding EUR 600 shippings costs are 5%